Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Must try these chips

I received the pleasure of trying the new Kashi hummus chips and man oh man they are delish. I recommend to all to check them out.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mary Kay How I love thee!

Okay so I'm a part of a program called influenster. They give out free products for review. I was very lucky to get a VoxBox and it was for Mary Kay Products. OMG I am so happy. I got to use these full size products (Pic Bellow) and now I get to tell you all what I thought. First I want to say that influenster gave me these products from Mary Kay to test, I am not being paid for this review. If you would like to see the unboxing you can click on the YouTube link bellow and check that out. I received in my box Mary Kay's Lash Love Lengthening mascara in I love Black (Retails for $15.00), Mary Kay Cream Eye Color/Concealer Brush ($10.00), Mary Kay Lash Primer ($15.00), Mary Kay Cream Eye Color in Violet Storm ($22.00) and Mary Kay True Dimensions Lip Stick in Pink Cherie ($18.00). I was too thrilled when I found out that this was full size products. First off the lash Primer and the mascara is something I highly recommend to all. This combo made my lashes look thick and long without clumps. The eye shadow cream was wonderful and lasted all day, which for a mama on the go is great. The eye/concealer brush was good I used it for concealer and it gave good even strokes. I love the texture of the lip stick my only complaint is that the color is not so good for me and my complexion. But lasted a good while till I drank and ate but it was moisturizing and it went on real well. I will put a picture of my look bellow. I would definitely recommend all the products to everyone. Find a Mary Kay rep near you by going to . If you would like to become a member of influenster please send me an email letting me know and I will get you an invite. Hope you liked the review. Cassie

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I Just Joined Smiley360

I Just Joined Smiley360: I just became a Smiley360 member! Discover and review exciting brands for free, too! Sign-up at http://bit.ly/lTDqVw #smileymember *Please remember the FTC requires you to mention that you received a free sample courtesy of Smiley360 when sharing.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Teaching your child a new language.

So the new norm is now to teach our children a new language. I have tried a few products that help teach new languages and I was just informed of a new one called Dino Lingo. Now at this time I do not own the product I found out about it on influenster. They gave me a link to try it out by reviewing the short clips of the many languages they teach. I saw a few and think it is a great way to teach your children and learn some yourself along the way. They teach it through word associations they show you the pictures of what word or phrase they are teaching you. I will leave a link to one of their many clips for you to review yourself. After you see it come back and let me know what you think. I will also leave you the YouTube of Dino Lingo and their website as well. Hope you enjoy this product as much as I did.

Dino Lingo Language Clip
Dino Lingo Channel
Dino Lingo Website

Once again if you would like to be apart of influenster and would like to join my team please leave me message telling me you would like to be apart of my team and what email to send the invite to. email candibaby69@gmail.com. Please put Influenster Team in the description.

Happy Blogging and Shopping,


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Welcome product users.

So let me just say I am excited to get this blog off the ground. So lets say I love influenster. It is a great website to get reviews for almost any product you can think of. Stop by and give your reviews and earn great new products to try out. It's a new and improved site and I love how much easier it is to navigate through. I only have one issue and that is sometimes it is a bit glitchy but they are working in getting it together. So hope to get a great review and giveaway up soon. Happy blogging and remember we are the best advice on new products to use. *if you have a product you would like for me to blog about please let me know.

Link to influenster: http://www.influenster.com/

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